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New App on the Revize CMS allows municipalities  to streamline Public Service Requests

TROY, MI (Aug 1o, 2015) – Traffic light troubles? Pothole problems? Flooding fiascos? Thanks to citizen involvement, municipalities across the country have watchdogs eager to alert them when something needs fixing.  And now, thanks to Revize, those citizen watchdogs will be able to submit their public service requests with the click of a mouse.

“We are delighted to be able to offer customers our new Public Service Request web app,” said Akshaya Ray, CTO, Revize.  “This cloud-based service request management system empowers residents to use the Internet to assist their government in pinpointing local problems.”

This new app allows citizens to effortlessly create service requests for Public Service issues such as flooding, potholes, malfunctioning traffic lights and the like. It integrates seamlessly into the websites of Revize’s government clients, so it looks and works great on any device – desktop, tablet or phone. If they like, citizen watchdogs can receive a notification when there is a status change to their request, but service requests can also be made anonymously.

“The Service Request instantly routes to the appropriate department with an email notification, and automatically escalates if no activity occurs within a pre-determined amount of time,” explained Ray. “Governments can easily track progress on reported problems and provide resolution information and updates.”

 About Revize

Founded in 1995, Revize Software Systems ( is dedicated to enhancing the communications of municipalities, educational institutions and non-profit organizations through simplified information management technologies. Revize’s innovative web design and web content management system, and suite of web apps are designed specifically to help our clients engage effectively with their constituents.  Revize continues enhancing its technology, adding new features that enable clients to effectively manage website content, as well as build sophisticated websites using the Internet and internal Intranets/Extranets to acquire, analyze, process, summarize and share information.

Revize’s stellar client roster includes municipalities and government agencies such as Madison County, IL; St. Pete, FL; Genesee County, MI, and numerous others.

Revize Software Systems’ world headquarters is located at 1890 Crooks Rd, Suite 340 in Troy Michigan.  The company phone number is 248-269-9263.

For additional information about Revize Software Systems and the new Public Service Request app, contact Margaret Kessler at 248-269-9263 or

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