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Revize's Q2 Eclipses Q1 In New Client Acquisition

Aug 03, 2016

With 60 new clients and continued 30 percent sequential year-over-year revenue growth, Revize is on track for a record-shattering 2016. Read More

Revize News

32 + 45 X 30 = A Gigantic First Quarter for Revize

Apr 25, 2016

32 new website launches and 45 new clients plus 30 percent sequential year-over-year revenue growth Revize's first quarter one for the books.

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Revize News

The Votes Are In and the Winner is Revize!

Jan 14, 2016

A whopping 200 new municipal clients secured in 2015 and record-breaking growth makes Revize the people’s choice.

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