Methodology & Estimating Metrics

Methodology & Estimating Metrics

Revize Methodology and Development Metrics

The following depicts the four (4) steps of the Revize Development Process:
1.  Administration Setup (Set-up Time Estimate:  1-2 hours)

A non-technical individual or a Web Developer (customers choice) is designated as the Revize Administrator.  The Administrator establishes permissions for each Content Editor to edit his or her assigned Web Pages. 

2.  Web Site Design Development (Development Estimate:  2-4 hours per unique page design)

Mid-level Web Developers skilled in HTML or any visual editor develop Web Page designs that embody the standard "look and feel" desired by the customer.  This step may already have been accomplished before Revize is introduced (e.g., existing Web Sites, new Web Pages).

3.  Create Revize-enabled Web Pages and associated Edit Forms 
          (Development Estimate:  1-2 hours per Web Page, 1-2 hours per Edit Form)

Mid-level Web Developers skilled in HTML or any visual editor use Revize to specify editable objects (e.g., text, images, files/documents, lists, links) for Content Editors to modify.  In the same process, these Mid-level Web Developers will create Edit Forms that will be used by non-technical Content Owners to add and update Web Page content. 

4.  Create Content and Publish(Development Estimate: 15 - 30 minutes per Web Page)

Using custom fill-in-the-blank edit forms and wizard-driven Edit Forms, non-technical Content Editors can add/update content on existing Web Pages, add new Web Pages using established page designs, and/or control the navigation paths of the Web Site.


The above process assumes appropriate Revize training has been conducted for the various personnel involved.  Typically, Administrators: 2  4 hours of Revize Training; Developers: 8  12 hours of Revize Developer Training; Content Owners/Editors:   1 Hour of Training (i.e., log-in, "fill in the blank" edit forms, wizards only)

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