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1.00 Web CMS

1.00 What is Web Content Management??

2.00 Why do I need a Web Content Management System?

3.00 Can I build my own Content Management System?

4.00 What limitations are there in the creation of any look and feel?

5.00 Why shouldn't content contributors just use an HTML editor, or Save As HTML' from other applications?

2.00 Revize

1.00 What is Revize?

2.00 What expertise does Revize Software Systems have in the area of Web Content Management?

3.00 How does Revize help me?

4.00 Is Revize really easy for a non-technical person to use?

5.00 Why choose Revize?

6.00 Who are your clients?

7.00 Does Revize work on our public sector Web Site?

8.00 Can I keep a custom look and feel with Revize?

9.00 Is Revize simple to install and use?

10.00 Can I install Revize on more than one computer?

11.00 Does Revize work on Internet, Intranet and Extranet Web Sites?

12.00 Can I control what content contributors can change? Can I make it vary with the content contributor?

13.00 Can I import copy or graphics from my database to change content?

14.00 Does Revize have security and workflow controls?

15.00 How does Revize work with FrontPage or Dreamweaver, or my editor of choice?

16.00 Does Revize work on MacIntosh?

17.00 How is Revize priced?

18.00 What is Revize's Architecture?

19.00 Can I use Revize with other server software products?

20.00 Does Revize separate templates from content?

21.00 Does Revize support any popular Web Development tools?

22.00 Does Revize require any special Client Workstation software?

23.00 Does Revize have internal security?

24.00 Does Revize support pre-generated pages?

25.00 What platforms does Revize work on?

26.00 How difficult is to integrate Revize with other applications?

27.00 What about wireless?

28.00 How many Web Sites can I support with one copy of Revize?