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Email Marketing Solution

Revize® Email Marketing Solution:

Overview: Email Marketing solutions are quickly becoming popular for government,educational, and commercial organizations to send newsletters to their constituents. By combining the power of a frequently updated web site with an email marketing solution,organizations affordably turn their web site presence into a two way communication channel to educate web visitors and allow them to give immediate feedback much more affordably than any direct mail or telemarketing can ever obtain. By sending out newsletters with hyperlinks back to a landing page on your web site that has a polling survey or a request for action not only educates but turns constituents into advocates.These advocates forward their emails to other individuals that have the same mindset as they do and increase traffic to your web site.

Major Features:

  • Create and manage custom email newsletters using ready to use Revize®
  • Interested visitors who want to subscribe newsletters can sign up on the web site using a simple sign up form.
  • Ability to import contacts from Outlook, MSN, Yahoo, Google address books.
  • Ability to export contacts in a CSV format.
  • Extremely easy to use interface to create graphics rich email content using our WISYWIG editor
  • Ability to  send newsletters to different interest groups using an easy to use interface.
  • Unsubscribe link is automatically put in every newsletter, if people don't want to continue the subscription.
  • Detailed online reports showing number of emails received , number of wrong email addresses,  number of emails opened etc are available.
  • 95% delivery success rate with our unique technology to get around different SPAM filters. 

For more information, Download the full  Information Brief.