Design & Development

Design & Development

As an experienced, skilled practitioner of developing Web Sites and Web-based Applications, Revize Software Systems offers clients access to senior development resources.  This set of resources is often valuable to clients who:

  • Have limited IT resources or do not have access to any IT resources
  • Want to "Quick Start" the process of "Revize-enabling" their existing/new Web Sites - Internet, Intranet and/or Extranet
  • Want to utilize experienced Revize Web Developers as a complement to their own, often backlogged IT staff
  • Want to outsource the complete development of Web Sites or Web-based Applications that will result in "turn-key" solutions

Revize Software Systems utilize experience project management, methodologies, web design tenets/guidelines and testing processes to ensure the client's objectives are met.  The following reflects at a high-level, a typical phased approach to development:

     Phase I - Requirements 
     Phase II - Design (Functional and Look & Feel) 
     Phase III - Template Development 
     Phase IV - Revize Template & Edit Form Development 
     Phase V - Implementation & Training

Revize Software Systems' custom development services provides clients with significant value whether its modifying existing Web Sites (or portions thereof), building new Web Sites or building Web-based Applications that leverage clients' investments in their networks.

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