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About Revize

Revize Software Systems was founded in  June, 1995 as a "new media" development company specializing in the creation of interactive multimedia content delivered on CD-ROM and in video productions.   In September, 1996 as the Internet was just becoming a world-wide reality, the Product Development Group at Revize Software Systems started developing a web content management system that would enable non-technical contributors to quickly and easily update content on Web Sites.  The result of this initiative was the state-of-the-art Revize Web Content Management System.

To this day, our mission still is to enhance the communications of corporations, government organizations, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.  This is based on our vision statement, which reads "The empowerment of people through simplified information management technologies.

Focused exclusively on Web Content Management technologies, Revize Software Systems continues to invest in its technology adding capabilities and features that embody our vision.  While each year many clients choose Revize to cost-effectively manage Web Site content, more and more clients are using Revize as an information-sharing platform.  That is, our Revize Web Content Management Solution is proving valuable as a powerful Web-enabling technology that lets clients build sophisticated Web applications using the Internet and internal Intranets/Extranets to acquire, analyze, process, summarize and share information - ensuring the right people have the right information when they need it.

We are proud of our technologies and capabilities.  And we are committed to continuing the evolution of both to provide increased value to our clients.  We invite you to learn more about us.