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"We are always looking for ways to improve our information technology systems and government-to-public offerings to better serve our community. Working with our web partner Revize, Bell County developed a new user-friendly website that is designed with a fresh modern look and improved navigation to help our local citizens access on-line content and better communicate with government officials. Our site  includes new quick links to high demand content, such as meetings & events and public notices, along with a greater selection of on-line forms available for quick download, a consolidated ‘How Do I’ section to help with frequently asked questions.  Other new citizen interactive features include the Sheriff’s non-emergency reporting on-line option, a vacation watch request submission, and the capability to report various types of problems directly to County officialsJim Chandler, Director of Technology Services, Bell County, TX

Our county’s website was worn out, not user-friendly and lacked “web appeal”.   Revize created us a fantastic website that gave us the punch we were looking for and provided ease of use for the public. Our new website has also made available links to social media which allows us to reach the public with essential information quickly.  Our Revize team, from sales to development and training, was extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with.  Site management is uncomplicated which is a must for our busy office.   Thank you Revize!   Lorie Patrick, Wright County Iowa, Deputy Auditor

“Working with Revize to re-create the Clearwater County website has been a real pleasure. The new website is a hub for County businesses and residents, providing up to date information that they utilize on a daily basis.  From beginning to completion the Revize team really grasped the atmosphere of our area.  The website reflected in style what Clearwater County is.  The project went smoothly and finished on time.  At each stage of the process from development to training and maintenance the Revize team put to use the County input and it is reflected in the finished product."  Angela Vanderpas , PIO, Clearwater County, Idaho

“We have truly enjoyed the ease in putting together our county website - changes are quick to make and our constituents enjoy the variety of information that we can provide within two clicks.  Changes to information takes minutes now compared to days and weeks like before, struggling with a third party for updates.  A great value for the investment of money and time for our county.”  Carolyn Flore, Missaukee County MI, Clerk-Register

“We are very pleased with our relationship with Revize. Our city’s website was outdated, static, and difficult (and costly) to update in a timely manner. We severely needed a new website, but had no new funding to do it. We worked closely with Revize and were able to develop a new website within our existing budget and we are even saving $5K per year! We’ve received many compliments about the new design and navigation and our staff is able to make updates immediately from any computer whether in the office or offsite. We couldn’t be happier with our new website and the service Revize has provided us.” Karla Slate, Community Relations/PIO, City of Covington, WA

"I couldn't find anything that would beat it. The fact that it integrated with Dreamweaver, and our ability to accommodate the LDAP integration, those were basically the key points that led us to go with Revize." – Chris Hart, IT Strategy Co-ordinator, NYGH Hospital

"The web site has created an overall change in attitude about the picture of the City of Melissa. The website is no longer a cold tablet of factual information, but an interactive medium that opens the visual senses of what Melissa is all about. The new layout is colorful, filled with pictures, blocked in easy to find and read information links, updated easily with current programs and general information, all the while being very easy to navigate through. It has become a living, growing and evolving organism in the City of Melissa’s administrative tool box."--Reed Greer, Mayor, City of Melissa, Texas

“Our new Tipton County website is getting rave reviews from the public. Folks are calling me praising the design and usability. Great work and boy, we hit a home run picking Revize.” --Shawn Anderson, IT Director, Tipton County, TN

"Revize® has allowed us to roll out their solution in record time because of its ease of use and the overall implementation went very smooth."- Nina McNeilly, Web Manager, City of High Point

"The use of the Revize CMS on our website allows our departments to update their own content.  Not only does it free up the web team to work on other projects, but it has helped us increase communications with our county residents as well."-Melissa Carito, Webmaster, Montgomery County

"Transparency is becoming an expectation of government entities at all levels, so it was a key component for the City of Greer when planning a new website. We selected Revize not only because it allows us to easily post financial information for the public to view, but also made available a variety of interactive elements, such as links to social media, to engage visitors to the site. Revize has met and exceeded all of our expectations."- Steve Owens, Communications Manager, City of Greer, South Carolina

"Our decision to purchase Revize was driven by the flexibility and ease-of-use of its software.   What has impressed us the most since implementation of this CMS has been their people.  Revize management and staff have been extremely responsive to our day-to-day needs and suggestions and have proven to be outstanding when it comes to providing solutions for the most difficult issues."  Stacie Deng, Webmaster, Contra Costa County Library