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Our new site has been welcomed with open arms. The citizen engagement has improved phenomenally since the launch of our new site with Revize. All the pertinent information is easily obtainable in just a matter of 2 clicks or less thanks to the cutting edge design of the site. Our previous site was 10+ years old. It was a chore to wade through the clunkiness of the site just to find any information at all. The ease of use and layout of the new site is miles ahead of our previous site. Revize has been a class act from start to finish. From the demo of their product all the way up to going live with the new site, Revize has been there every step of the way. We have only called support twice in the past year -- Bruce Yelton, IT Director, Polk County, NC

About Polk County, North Carolina

In what is arguably the prettiest part of the foothills of the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains sits historic Polk County, NC.  The county is divided into six charming townships: Columbus, Cooper's Gap, Green Creek, Saluda, Tryon, and White Oak. In addition to the scenic Lake Adger, several excellent wineries within North Carolina’s Wine County region call Polk County home.  Polk County is also honored to boast a whopping 21 sites on the National Register of Historic Places.



Questions about property taxes used to be a huge time drain for employees of Polk County. But that’s yesterday’s news, now that property owners can get the information they need right on the county‘s website.


Form Builder & Editing Tool

This module has been a real efficiency-booster for Polk County. Empowering residents and businesses to complete and submit a wide range of forms online has dramatically streamlined a formerly complex process.


News & Events

There’s always something interesting going on in Polk County. Whether it’s a nature hike and watershed program with the Pacolet Area Conservancy or new contact information for the county tax office, site visitors are always up-to-date.



County employees can easily add, delete and edit items, and also include as much detail as they feel is necessary to their entries. All that data is displayed in an interactive and easy-to-read calendar format.


Document Center

Polk County website visitors can locate, view and download items at their convenience and print them on their own as needed at zero cost to the county. This is a key area where the cost savings of a Revize website really comes into play.


Social Media Integration

The Polk County staff knows how important it is to make information as readily accessible as possible. Outreach through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more take the county website’s visibility to the next level.



Grouping the most commonly searched for pages together under the quick links tab makes the Polk County website even easier for visitors to navigate. After all, ease of use is one of the primary goals of Revize and all our valued clients



Imagine finding everything you need from A to Z in one convenient place! That was the inspiration behind this handy app and the reason the nice folks in Polk County wanted to include it in their site.



Online staff directories are a proven strategy for reducing incoming calls to a main switchboard. The Revize CMS makes adding, deleting and updating the directory as easy as a-b-c.

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