Montgomery County, Ohio

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    Montgomery County, Ohio
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The use of the Revize CMS on our website allows our departments to update their own content.  Not only does it free up the web team to work on other projects, but it has helped us increase communications with our county residents as well. --Melissa Carito, Webmaster, Montgomery County

Montgomery County Ohio. Birthplace of innovation. Home to more than half a million people who embody the values that made this country great.  Whether it’s art and culture you seek or a day on the links, Montgomery County has much to offer. Orville Wright, Erma Bombeck, Phil Donahue all hail from Montgomery County along with scores of other world-renowned entrepreneurs, entertainers, athletes, writers and scientists… and even the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

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Is your beagle legal? Are the taxes up-to-date on your estate? Payments for dog licenses, property taxes and water bills can all be handled safely, securely, and conveniently now that Montgomery County is using the Revize CMS for managing online bill payments.



Whether you’re interested in the latest report on drinking water quality or want to know what progress is being made on the county’s Strategic Plan, you’ll find a plethora of reports accessible 24/7 on the Montgomery County website.


News & Events

When Montgomery County needs to spread news about important upcoming events or celebrate special achievements of community members, the Revize Latest News app lets them do it with just a couple of mouse clicks.



Making it easy for prospective vendors to offer their products and services to the county means that Montgomery residents have the best chance possible of maximizing the value they receive on every dollar their municipality spends .



When is the next electronic recycling drop off? Are there any appliance amnesty days next month? Montgomery County residents and businesses always have the 4-1-1 thanks to the Revize Events Calendar App.



Montgomery County has a vast library of interesting and informative videos that cover everything from preparing foster youth for young adulthood to how the county Auditor monitors weight & measure devices for accuracy. Making these videos available on the county website was a no-brainer thanks to Revize’s video plug-in.



Montgomery County residents and businesses have discovered just how easy it can be locate, view and download items at their convenience and print them on their own as needed. And the cost savings to county is significant, so everybody wins.



Montgomery County has embraced inclusiveness and is pleased to offer a translate button on its website. This Revize module seamlessly integrates Google’s superb translation technology into the Montgomery County website.



Site visitors can Tweet, Pin, Post and more with one click when they see items on the Montgomery County website that beg to be shared. Maybe it’s the Job Center or perhaps the most recent election results… news spreads faster when sharing is easy.

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