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Our new and improved website has opened a new opportunity for the city...a new chance to promote the marketability of our community. It was time for a new face and a sharper image. Revize allowed us to present McMinnville through a whole different approach and make us more user-friendly. For most folks seeking information, the site makes a great first impression...for citizens needing services, it provides quick and easy access to the appropriate departments. We love it.-- Mayor Jimmy Haley,  City of  McMinnville, TN

About mcminnville tennessee

McMinnville, Tennessee is a hidden gem nestled in the foothills of the Cumberland Plateau where hospitality and sense of community are a way of life.  The plant nursery capital of the world, McMinnville is renowned for its natural waterways, lovely vistas and excellent bluegrass music.  Visitors and residents alike flock to the Warren County Farmers Market, summertime’s "Main Street LIVE!" concert series and the Autumn Street Fair.  McMinnville is also home to Cumberland Caverns, a 32-mile-long system of underground caverns including the "Volcano Room", which is large enough to hold 500 people and features a chandelier from the former Loews Metropolitan Theater of New York City. 



Filling open positions was never as easy as it is with Revize’s Job App module. McMinnville’s HR department can add, delete and update listings with the click of a mouse. That’s good news for the city and its residents.


REPORT a concern

Government of the people, by the people and for the people demands that information has to flow in two directions. For McMinnville, that means a website that not only disseminates information but also makes it easy for to residents and businesses to contact the city with questions and comments.



When McMinnville employees want to call special attention to items like new job openings or staff promotions and changes, the Revize Latest News app lets them do it with just a couple of mouse clicks.



McMinnville residents and businesses can easily keep up-to-the-minute when they sign up for email notifications through the McMinnville site. Whenever new information is posted, an email is automatically generated alerting participants.


Document Center

McMinnville’s been able to dramatically reduce the time and money required to generate hard copies of the myriad documents now available on their website. Site visitors can locate, view and download items at their convenience and print them on their own as needed.


Social Media Integration

Site visitors can Tweet, Pin, Post and more with one click when they see items on the McMinnville site that beg to be shared. Maybe it’s the BBQ competition, or perhaps the Zumba classes… news spreads faster when sharing is easy.



Making it easy for prospective vendors to offer their products and services to the city means that McMinnville has the best chance of maximizing the value they receive on every dollar they spend.



McMinnville site visitors always know the what, when and where of community events including the Warren County Farmers Market, the "Main Street LIVE!" concert series and the Autumn Street Fair.



Navigating through a list of options is easier than ever with this module. It’s visually appealing and users love its utility. It’s just one of the many, many modules offered at no additional charge to Revize clients.

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