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" Looking at other sites designed by Revize, I was struck by how simple and clean they were and the fact that many were built around photos of the community.  I knew this was something we wanted for Langley.  We are very happy with the website. People really like the look of the site and the functionality." --Jeff Arango, Director of  Community Planning,  City of Langley, WA

About Langley, Washington

Set in Washington’s picturesque Puget Sound, Langley is thickly forested with breathtaking views of the distant Cascade Mountains.  Charming doesn’t begin to describe Langley’s quaint inns and wide assortment of bed and breakfast establishments. The city offers galleries and restaurants, gift shops and antique dealers, clothing boutiques and a gourmet chocolate shop.  Langley is a world-class tourist destination with festivals and cultural events scheduled throughout the year.

Langley is served by Island County Fire District#3, the Langley Police Department, and is the home of South Whidbey School District #206. 

Based on per capita income, Langley ranks 92nd of 522 areas in the state of Washington to be ranked.


Events Calendar

Whether it’s Mystery Weekend, the Choochokam Arts & Music Festival, the Island County Fair or Djangofest NW, there’s always something fun and fascinating going on in Langley. And the city’s online events calendar has it all.



Langley is excited to offer residents an easy and convenient method to pay Storm Water and Water bills online. It reduces paper use and is an easy way to help the environment. The Revize CMS made it super easy for the city to integrate this feature into their website.



Information about public hearings, RFPs, utility rate changes and more is a mouse click away on the Langley website’s Latest News section. Municipal websites need to keep residents and businesses informed and Revize sites do it in a way that’s wonderfully intuitive.



Langley staffers and website visitors love this module. It lets residents and businesses view and download a complete range of forms and permits at their convenience and print them on their own, as needed, and at zero cost to the city.


Document Center

For some cities, this module is the deal sealer. Langley has been delighted with the time and cost savings that have resulted from website visitors being able to locate, view and download items at their convenience and print them on their own as needed.


Social Media FLYOUT

Provides a one click drop down to multi-social media and utility buttons. Common widget used on the web, intuitive and easy to use.



One of the nicest features of the modules available to Revize clients is the ability to use them on an as-needed basis. Langley uses the alert center app whenever there’s breaking news to which special attention must be drawn.


Rotating Photo Galleries

Langley is a waterfront village perched like a signet ring on the lush 60-mile long finger of Whidbey Island, the second-largest saltwater island in the continental United States. If you think that sounds appealing, just wait til you see the photos on the city’s website!



Who? What? Where? When? Why? You needn’t be a journalist to have lots of questions. Langley is eager to get you the answers you seek and the FAQ module on their website helps make that happen.

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