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"Being able to offer a true resource to our community is the most important thing for us as a government. Working with Revize, the City of Duluth developed a more user-friendly, visually appealing website. We now have elements of functionality that all our departments can use. Before, only those with technical website skills were able to update and make changes to the website. We have improved navigation and our new website allows us to better communicate to our citizens, businesses and visitors."-- Alisa Williams, Public Information & Marketing Director, City of Duluth, GA

About Duluth, Georgia

About halfway between Georgia’s scenic Lake Lanier and majestic Stone Mountain sits Duluth, GA.  With farmland as rich as its history, Duluth could – back in the day -- boast of three cotton gins, 10 cotton buyers, several warehouses, three mule trading barns, and three blacksmith shops.  And while much of the small-town character of this old cotton city remains, the hand of progress has led Duluth boldly into the present. There is a lot of talk about the old days, and nostalgia in Duluth runs as deep as the Chattahoochee River. “Pride in Old and New” is not a motto the citizens of Duluth take lightly. Duluth is a progressive City with its sights set firmly on the future, but with a promise to keep its “Old Town Pride.”




Duluth is always striving to reach out to the community and engage them in their local government. When site visitors dive into the "What's Happening" tab, they discover how they can further enjoy their community while keeping up with all the latest news.



Archived copies of most of the information generated about city business is grouped together in one easy-to-locate place on the Duluth site. This module has been a big money saver for the city, since the clerk’s office has far fewer offline requests for these documents.


Featured News

Items of particular noteworthiness are easy to spot with the Feature News section on the Duluth website. Adding, deleting and modifying entries is a snap for staffers, which is especially convenient since there’s always something wonderful happening in Duluth.



Duluth is ensuring that they maximize the value they receive on every dollar they spend by making it as easy as possible for prospective vendors to bid on upcoming opportunities. More choices is always a good thing.


Document Center

The staff at Duluth had always been happy to provide residents and businesses with whatever documents they needed. But empowering community members to locate, view and download items at their convenience and print them on their own as needed has been a huge time and money saver for the city.



Newsletters are an excellent way for Duluth to keep the community up-to-date while drawing additional traffic to their site. It’s especially convenient that newsletter creation and distribution can be done from within the Revize platform.


Employee Directory

From William Aiken to Teresa Zorn, they’re all here. Name, department, title, direct dial phone number and email address… in a database that’s easy for Duluth staffers to maintain. That’s how we roll at Revize!



With sidewalks and bikeways that connect all areas of the city, celebrations such as the Barefoot in the Park Fine Arts Festival and Duluth Fall Festival, concerts, entertainment and more, Duluth is pretty as a picture… and those images really make the city’s website a visual delight.


Award Winning Design

Duluth chose Revize to develop their new website because they saw in our work what so many award judges have seen over the years: Creative design that yields websites which are as beautiful as they are functional.

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