Bristol Bay Borough, Alaska

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    Bristol Bay Borough, Alaska
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We were looking for ways to better engage our community as well as get important information out to them. Revize gives us the tools we need to reach out to our community in ways we never had available before. With our new website, community members can stay better connected to what we are doing for them; while giving them the tools they need to better stay in touch with us and tell us what they need. Our website has changed the way our community interacts with us in a very positive way, Thanks,  Revize! -- Geoff Donald, IT Director, Bristol Bay Borough.

Nestled on Bristol Bay between Kvichak Bay and Naknek Lake sits the rural Alaskan fishing community of Bristol Bay Borough.  With a land area of 888 sq. mi. and a population just shy of 1,000, Bristol Bay Borough’s three cities are Naknek, South Naknek and King Salmon.  Bristol Bay is proud to be the first-ever borough created in Alaska back in 1962.

Fishing is a way of life in Bristol Bay and the borough’s primary export, fresh Bristol Bay Salmon, is considered by many connoisseurs to be among the world’s finest seafood.  Every year thousands of fishermen travel to Bristol Bay and every year millions of pounds of delectable Bristol Bay fish are sold all across the world.

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Minutes and agendas for Bristol Bay Borough’s assembly and planning & zoning committee, from 2007 to the present, are available to site visitors 24-7. With this app, Bristol Bay is able to ensure that people who need the information have unfettered access to it – at no additional cost to the borough.



Bristol Bay lets site visitors use fly-out/mega menu listings that are part of Revize’s mega menu app. Hovering over the menu lets you consider your options before you commit to click.


News & Events

Sometimes in a region as tranquil as Bristol Bay there’s just not too much going on. At other times there’s plenty of activity. Either way, Revize’s news and events app makes it easy for the borough’s staff to add and delete items as needed.



Online bill pay provides the residents and businesses of Bristol Bay with the safest and most convenient way to remit payments to the borough. The Revize platform makes it super simple for clients to integrate this feature into their website.


Document Center

Bristol Bay site visitors can locate, view and download a complete array of documents at their convenience and print them on their own as needed. For residents, businesses and staff, it’s a huge time saver!


Social Media Integration

With the proven ability to engage site visitors and strengthen interpersonal connections, social media integration allows Bristol Bay Borough increase community engagement and raise the visibility of their lovely website.



For Bristol Bay Borough, posting notifications on the site empowers staffers to keep community members in the loop about what’s going on and what actions they should be taking. Edits are so easy to make that information can be updated in a flash.


Rotating Photo Galleries

Bristol Bay Borough is known for having water as blue as its mountains are high. The rotating photo gallery empowers the borough to put its best foot forward by showcasing the area’s spectacular vistas.


Responsive web Design

When the smartphone market began to explode, Revize started creating sites that were optimized for mobile. And now that the tablet market is growing exponentially, Revize customers use RWD to ensure that all of their visitors’ online experiences are outstanding.

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