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  • Benzie County, Michigan
    Benzie County, Michigan
    Benzie County, Michigan
    Benzie County, Michigan
    Benzie County, Michigan


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Revize did a great job building our website design. Not only did Revize capture the character of our Michigan county, but it has helped connect our citizens to their county government. --Karl Sparks, County Administrator, Benzie County, Michigan 

Serene, pastoral, bucolic… These are just a few of the adjectives people have used to describe northwest Lower Michigan. And Benzie County is surely the most serene, pastoral and bucolic community in the area. With only one traffic light in the whole county, life in Benzie doesn't stop -- it just slows to a tranquil pace. Dating back to 1863, its 321 sq. miles make Benzie the smallest of Michigan’s 83 counties. But its famously hospitable residents, along with 100+ lakes, several square miles of state forests, and miles of shoreline and pristine rivers, draw visitors year-round for water sports, fishing, camping, skiing, snowmobiling and hunting. And each autumn, Benzie County’s foliage lights up with a display of color that would make a peacock jealous.


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When is the next meeting of the Board of Commissioners? Are city offices closed the day after Thanksgiving? Is the Benzie Summit a recurring event? Site visitors can easily get all the answers about what’s happening in Benzie County with the interactive Events Calendar app.



Bus schedules, airport information, links to all the cities and villages within the county and a whole lot more are a click away when visitors check the Quick Links page on the Benzie County website.



Thanks to its ease of use, the folks at Benzie County can create and distribute their newsletter from within the Revize platform so it’s a breeze to keep community members up-to-date while drawing additional traffic to the website.


Document Center

The Document Center provides easy access to scores of public documents. Site visitors can locate, view and download items at their convenience and print them on their own as needed. That makes life a whole lot easier for the residents, businesses and staff of Benzie County.


Responsive web Design

With so many options for accessing their website, Benzie County was delighted with Revize’s RWD feature. Whether it’s being viewed on a small phone, a jumbo monitor or anything in between, the website adjusts automatically and always looks terrific.



Benzie County may be tranquil, but there’s always something going on. This app makes it a snap for site visitors to keep up-to-the-minute about what’s happening. And for county staffers, it could not be easier to add, delete and update items.

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